Learn to meditate using different systems that achieve degrees of stillness and movement, sound and silence.

Climbing the Tree of Life, Levels I – IV

Hermetic Kabbalah at its finest. We tune ourselves to the sefirot and embody the Tree of Life, deciphering the blueprint of human existence. Four levels, each a prerequisite of the other.

Branches in the Tree of Life

Classically known as the Kabbalist Pathways, this class takes on the connected sefirot at deep levels.

DNA Activation

An evolutionary modality that benefits all ages.

Adom Kadmon Activation

An advanced process that supports intense study and development; activates, cleanses and connects!


We draw, we dance with ink and other materials; we meditate, release, and relax. And we laugh a lot!


Fun and powerful teaching – we work with sound, chakras, and teachings of the Masters. This is not a musical class and no musical ability is needed.


Exploration of Hebrew root letters through sound and art. No Hebrew language knowledge is necessary to take this class.

Adept I & II
An initiation process with study for those who are drawn to more directed levels of work.


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